San Cesario di Lecce:

San Cesario di Lecce: what to visit in the area and a brief history

A small country full of history and curiosities to discover

Although there are traces of human presence since the Bronze Age, demonstrated by the presence of menhirs (as many as 79 throughout Puglia), the origins of San Cesario di Lecce (commonly called San Cesario) date back to the Roman domination of the Salento peninsula (about 85-87 BC) when it was chosen as a place for military procurement thanks to its strategic geographical position on the territory.

Over the years, that center has developed more and more becoming from the small original village which was a municipality where today there are just under 9,000 inhabitants. These singular origins make San Cesario a place rich in history and culture: just think that in its only 8 Km2 there are concentrated 12 churches and 1 military building, in addition to the above mentioned menhirs that we recommend to visit.

Our B&B La Dimora delle Grazie is located near the most important of them, the Matrice Church of the Country, inheriting its evocative beauty as well as the era of construction. The Mother Church of San Cesario, in fact, dates back to the mid ‘800 and is located a few meters from the Palazzo Ducale, rebuilt in the second half of the seventeenth century on a sixteenth-century fortress.

3 Km from Lecce

20 Km from Porto Cesareo

30 Km from Gallipoli

40 Km from Otranto

San Cesario, country of the Dimora, has a strategic position because it is two kilometers from the beginning of the east and west ring roads to reach the most beautiful places of Salento which are 30 km from Dimora and 3 km from Lecce.

We have:

  • A transfer service from the airports of Lecce and Bari;

  • An agreement with a car rental agency with and without driver

  • Tourist guides to organize guided tours in the most beautiful places in Salento

  • We organize transfer to the airport by train and bus according to the needs of the guests